Princetontrader Chatroom Service

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We look forward to providing you with top level content and commentary each trading day.  It is my intention to provide subscribers with excellent value and profitability to make you the best futures trader you can be.  The service will consist of the following:

  • Subscriber Chat Room - Join us in our dedicated Chat Room for Real-Time updates and trade recommendations throughout the day.  Trade with Mike Vacchi (Princetontrader), Tony Rago, SpringheelJack from and Stan Nabozny from  Watch this team in action as they guide you through the market day using classic chart analysis and proprietary signals to locate opportunities in the market.
  • Live Screenshare and Audio - We provide live charts along with audio each market day as a supplement to the Chat Room.  Follow along on ES and NQ charts and listen to our team walk you through key levels and moments during the market day including NQ with Tony Rago and exclusive chart analysis with Springheel Jack as he shares his charts with our members to identify key patterns in real time.
  • The Levels” - Our signature proprietary volatility levels for 24 major Markets including Indexes (ES/NQ/TF/YM), Currencies (6J/DX/6E), Bonds (ZB/ZN), Metals (GC/HG/SI), Energy (CL/RB/NG/HO), Softs (KC/SB/CC), Vix (VX/VIX) and Grains (ZW/ZC/ZS).  All delivered to your email and via our Chat Room in real-time providing consistent setups that limit risk while maximizing reward over multiple timeframes.
  • Exclusive Subscriber Webcast” – Each Sunday night subscribers will receive and exclusive webcast detailing the week’s trade and any key observations for the following session.  These webcasts, contrary to the Pre-Market Webcast produced each morning, will allow me to discuss charts and indicators in order to allow for a better visual understanding of the volatility levels, pivots and the week’s setups.
  • "Exclusive Weekly Chart Chat from " - From our friends Springheel Jack (Richard Chappell) of and Stan Nabozny from  These weekly webinars for paid subscribers where they dive deep into charts and provide insights well beyond their blog and chat room postings.  This service is exclusive to our paid Princetontrader Chat Room members.
  • Briefing Report” – The exclusive Daily Newsletter will consist of my recap of the previous day’s trading including charts, Pivot Tables, Economic Calendar, Support and Resistance Levels and an outlook for the upcoming trading session. Included in your premium Subscription.
  • Ask Princetontrader” - Monthly Question and Answer Sessions.  This is your opportunity to ask Mike and Tony questions about any aspects of trading you wish.  These sessions will be exclusive to subscribers.
  • Exclusive Webinars – Exclusive quarterly webinars on topics related to Volatility Levels, Pivot Points Boobology and other relevant topics.