Welcome To Princeton Trader

Princeton Trader is a premier service that provides trader education and actionable trade set ups for a variety of futures contracts. Our primary focus is on the Emini Futures (ES) and Nasdaq (NQ).  Additionally, we provide proprietary trading levels on 22 Futures Markets including Metals, Crude, Natural Gas and many others.

It is our intention to provide our subscribers with excellent value and profitability to make you the best futures trader you can be. Our chat room, member content, live chart and audio will put you in the best position to learn how to execute setups, manage trades and respect risk.  The three keys to building consistency and profitability.

Michael Vacchi, President (@princetontrader)

I am a full-time futures trader/educator. I focus primarily on trading the e-Mini using my proprietary Pivot Points, volatility levels and Bollinger Bands to project price movement as well as risk markers to identify the level that must be converted to invalidate a setup.  This avoids needless stop outs and puts you in a position to truly understand risk.

Each day on out chat scroll and via audio on our 24/7 live GoToWebinar screen share we coach our subscribers through the trading day by identifying risk, setups and key takeaways that help keep you out of trouble, learn how to trade and ultimately be more profitable and consistent.  We focus members on setting reasonable achievable goals that can be built upon as they evolve as a trader within our community.

In addition to our subscription product I release pivot points and support/resistance levels each morning via our Daily Report.  I also produce a daily Market Webcast viewed by hundreds of futures traders.

Contact me: mikev@princetontrader.com

Tony Rago, NQ Content Provider (@TonyRago)

Tony has been trading since the mid-90s and has narrowed his trading skills to focus on the specialization of NASDAQ Futures (NQ).

At Princeton Trader (PT), Tony provides our members day trading content specific to the NQ in the chat room. He provides PT members with actionable ideas, both long and short, as well as on-going education to help members with their trading objectives regarding futures.