The S&P Futures finished where the started the cash session yesterday.  The key to the day was the test of the daily middle Bollinger Band (20 day sma).  The Bulls held that area as resistance and the Bears failed to do what we asked of them yesterday (convert daily mid-band and weekly pivot ). The result was a sloppy rally back to the 2265 area.  As we head into the jobs report my attention turns to the compression of the daily Bollinger Bands.  The Bollinger Bandwidth is sub 1.50 as I type this.  The will result in expansion.  That expansion doesn't necessarily have to come today.  However, a strong jobs report reaction could provide the fuel needed for the short term market leg.  That leg could be up or down.  The key in trading band expansion is patience and an understanding that when expansion does come it will give you an opportunity to get in the trade.  The risk in anticipating the direction of the expansion is great.  Guess wrong and you are the squeeze or the collapse.  Don't be that person.