The S&P Futures made a new all-time high on Friday at 2277.  It is a case of the Bears failing to capitalize on many opportunities to convert the lower areas of the trading range as well as multiple failed attempts on move price below the daily middle Bollinger Band (20 day sma) on a closing basis.  That solidified the 20 day as support and after no real negative reaction to the jobs report there was nothing left but to walk the tape higher on a Friday.  We are currently retesting 2267.50 resistance as support during the pre-market.  Bulls want to now establish 67 as a support floor and make another higher high.  Bears want the move to 2277 to be a reaction high before heading down to engage the compressed lower Bollinger Band and start the first band ride of 2017.  One of the few setups over the past 5 years that Bears have been able to consistently deliver upon is downward band expansion.  If bulls want the upper band ride they'll need to touch upper band today.