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Long time member Stuart has provided his personal story and how he utilizes Princeton Trader to help build accounts for his three children. This is only one of the many testimonials from our members!

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"As a 33 year veteran of the futures markets during the era of open outcry, I knew how to trade until I did not. Thank-you very much the computer age of trading. For Jack and Stan's charts, which I have been asked to comment on, I think what these two guys do is astounding. My unique situation might be a little different than most of the other folks trading through PT, but if I could say one thing about what Stan and Jack do, it would be to offer a remedial class. I say that in jest, for I know that special attention is available to me by simply asking. And so much is learned from just being in the room, and of course, watching the "chats" that you guys do, I do learn quite a lot, maybe through osmosis. In conclusion, Jack and Stan are Pros, period, and nothing they do now should change. In fact, what they do is beyond a doubt a wonderful resource that the members of Princetontrader can use and learn from, and it is simply what I ultimately aspire to understand and use."

Jerry "formally known as FRY" Friedman

"Two years ago my trading results improved significantly when I started using the PrincetonTrader volatility levels trading the e-mini futures (ES). The volatility levels are provided timely on a daily basis within twenty minutes of the market open and they are consistent, reliable and are mandatory in managing entries, exits and risk for short term trades during both regular market hours and trading overnite Globex. The daily volatility levels are a solid tool for profitable trading regardless of market conditions. The folks at Princeton Trader provide excellent real-time support in helping gauge market conditions and providing ongoing assistance in helping to recognize and anticipate quality setups while using the volatility levels."

Jim B.

"Mike and Tony bust their ass every day and do the work required to be excellent traders. Across multiple markets and timeframes, day and swing trading, if you want to learn about trading, this is the service. They admit to and learn from their mistakes, which is rare. No arrogance here, just traders working with other traders to make good trades."

Stan Nabozny Founder , Princetontrader Member since 2010

"Spent the last month trading in the Princeton Trader room. If you are a futures trader you cannot be without the daily webcast, daily volatility levels, briefing report and active chat room. This is a professional trading environment with specific investment price entries, exits and most of all significant risk mitigation through stop management. The subscription price is invaluable."

Stuart S.